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Lesson 4: Days and Dates in Melanau

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In Melanau days are being expressed in numeral except Sunday. ei. Monday = Lau satu (lit. Day one). Here the word satu ( malay for one) is being used instead of the word ja. This is one of the influence of malay language in melanau. Theoreticaly Lau Ja can be used but very rare.

English Melanau
Monday Lau Satu
Tuesday Lau Dua
Wednesday Lau Telou
Thursday Lau Pat
Friday Lau Lima
Saturday Lau Nem
Sunday Lau Minggu

Useful Words
Day Lau
Today Lau itou
Tomorrow Semuneh
Yesterday Mabei
the day after tomorrow Silih semuneh
2 days ago silih mabei
morning suap
noon dagen lau
evening abei
night malem
midnight dagen malem
dawn badek


Months are also being expressed in numerals like days of the week.
Note: sepuluh is malay word for ten.

English Melanau
Januari Bulan Satu
February Bulan Dua
March Bulan Telou
April Bulan Pat
May Bulan Lima
Jun Bulan Nem
July Bulan Tujuk
August Bulan Ayan
September Bulan Ulan
October Bulan Sepuluh
November Bulan Ja belaih
Decembre Bulan Duwa belaih

To tell the date follow this construction:
date (numeral) + lau bulan + month + ta-un + year
eg: 25th decembre 2010
Duwa poluk lima lau bulan duwa belaih ta-un duwa ribu plu-en

Useful Words
Year Taun
Week Minggu
Month Bulan
Day Lau
next month Bulan mudei
last month Bulan siieng
this month Bulan itou
next week Minggu mudei
last week Minggu siieng
this week Minggu itou
When Paya
too late tayi angai
too short jujok angai

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