Ratu Mukah 2010

Melanau is the native language of a population located in the Borneo Island. The language is mostly spoken in Sarawak malaysia and there are a small community living in Brunei Darussalam.

There are circa 40 000 speakers of melanau and sadly the numbers are decreasing each year. One of the main reason is that some melanaus have taken their language for granted and there are even melanau parents who refuse or hesitate to teach their children the language.

Fortunately there are a growing interest among the younger generation of melanaus who are trying to trace back their roots and learn the language. However there are very limited resource about the language in the internet and there are not many papers written about this unique language.

With Learn Melanau, you can discover and learn unique melanau words and understand the culture.

It is anticipated that the outcomes of this cultural exchange would foster understanding and interest among the international community.

Each group has something to offer. They all identify with the theme of 'One Love.' They all come with a love of their culture and who they are.
~Jessica Marshall


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