Friday, January 28, 2011

Lesson 1: Greetings

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Here we are going to learn about exchanging conversation in melanau mukah

How are you? - Inou dengah nou?
I'm fine- Akou diak un.
I'm not feeling well- Enda diak angai tan rasa kou.

What is your name?- Sai ngadan nou?
My name is... , - Ngadan kaw...

Who is your friend?- Sai sakai nou?

Whoose son/ daughter is that?- Aneok sai itou?

This is my friend. His/Her name is- Itou sakai kou. Ngadan siyen..

Oh, I didn't notice you- An ji, enda kelalak kou gak nou?

It's has been a long time sicne we met- Paut ngak tua enda petemu.

Where are you going?- Menaan kaau?
I just came from..- Akou japan un tapak keman...
I am going to...- Akou bak mapun ....

Where do you come from?- Kaau tapak menaan?
I come from...- Akou tapak keman...

Where do you live?- Takan gan diem nou?
I live at.. - Akou diem gak...
I am living with..- Akou diem jahak..
I am renting a ...- Akou menyiwak...

What are you doing right now?- Inou sibet nou itou selau?
I am working at..- Akou kreja gak..
I am studying at..- Akou belajer gak...
I am still hunting for job- Agei pinyeang kreja.

I need to go now.- Akou makau siieang.

Sorry. I am in a hurry.- Ma-ep eh. Akou bak legah itou.

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