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Anatomy Special Series Pt 2-8 Parts of Arm in Melanau ( Pa'a)

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Today we are going to learn about parts of arm in melanau mukah dialect. The Arm is the upper limb of human body.

In Melanau mukah the arm is called Paa. The hand is called Nyagem which also can be translated as fist. The word Paa is always being confused as hand, which is actualy called Nyagem

The Palm (Malay: Telapak Tangan ) however is called Tap Paa   instead of Tap Nyagem

Many young generations of Melanau are confused with this term. They refer the arm as Lengen as in Malay Lengan and the hand as Paa. This post will try to clarified this confusion :)

List of parts of arm in Melanau mukah.

Melanau Malay English Deutsch
Paa Lengan Arm der Arm
Nyagem Tangan Hand die Hand
Tap Paa Telapak Tangan Palm die Handfläche
Ligok Pergelangan Tangan Wrist das Handgelenk
Sikou Siku Elbow das Ellbogengelenk
Awieak Ketiak Armpit die Achsel
Kapei Bahu Shoulder die Schulter
Breguong Tulang Selangka Collar bone das Schlüsselbein
Silou kuku nail der Nagel
Tujok Jari finger der Finger

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