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Anatomy Special Series Pt 0-8 Anatomy special 8 Parts series in melanau mukah

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When you were a young child, it's possible that among the first words taught to you (as opposed to the words you picked up naturally) were the names of the parts of your body. Those words aren't likely the first words you'll need to learn in Melanau, but they're often indispensable.

Today we would like to introduce a series of post that will concentrate on the names of the parts of your body. This series will be called Anatomy Special Series.

Anatomy Special Series

This series will dicuss about the names of the parts of your body. In each new post you can answer a series of Questions that will test your vocabulary. By making connections between words and ideas, and between words and pictures, this exercise build your vocabulary skills. Start discovering name of body parts in melanau. Enjoy and happy learning!!!

Start learning the names of the parts of your body today by clicking here:

Anatomy Special Series Part 1/8 : Names of Finger in melanau.

Anatomy Special Series Part 2/8 : Parts of Arm in Melanau (Pa'a).

Anatomy Special Series Part 3/8: The Leg ( Buduek)

Anatomy Special Series Part 4/8: The back of the body ( Buta Biyaih)

Anatomy Special Series Part 5/8: The Head (Ulou)

Anatomy Special Series Part 6/8: The Mouth (Bebak)

Anatomy Special Series Part 7/8: The Neck (Tengok)

Anatomy Special Series Part 8/8: The Abdomen ( Pa'id)

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