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Grammar 4: Penjodoh Bilangan Melanau II ( Melanau Classifier II) Pt 2-2

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In this lesson we will introduce you with another set of classifiers which some thought only possible with malay classifiers but actually exist in melanau.

In "Grammar 3" we learn about most common melanau classifiers used in everyday life. In this lesson we will introduce you with another set of classifiers which some thought only possible with malay classifiers but actually exist in melanau. We hope that these "new" classifiers will be useful to our readers. Master these classifiers and you are a step ahead in mastering melanau like the native speakers.

List of Melanau Classifier
Classifier Meaning Usage Example
pak bunch

bunches like coconut,banana jepak benyuh (a bunch of coconut)

pat pak benyuh (4 bunch of coconut)
it'ing stalk

stalk of fruits like rambutan, guava jit'ing buak Rabaih (a stalk of guavas)
usah shaft

for fruits like Pineapples, Banana,coconut,

jusah kepayaih ( a papaya)
tahuék cedok

for things taken in scoop like rice, water, flour jetahuék beraih (a scoop of rice)

dua tahuék nyaem (2 scoops of water)
bed ikat

for things that tied up jebed sayur retek (a bundle of long beans)


for things in bundle like woods, Nypa leaves jeberkéh kayou (a bundle of woods)
batek berkas

for things in bundle like woods Nypa leave jebatek kayou (a bundle of woods)
uek paket

for packages jeuek beraih (a packet of rice)
pat uek beraih ( 4 packets of rice)
How to use these classifiers:

Some classifier cannot just simply be used the same way as in malay. Here are some examples:

In malay the classifier for broomstick (Melanau: sapou, Malay: Penyapu) is batang (stick) and is equivalent to usah in melanau.
But in melanau we do not use usah as a classifier for broomstick but we use béyk (blade) for Broomstick.
  • English: a Broomstick
  • Malay: Sebatang penyapu
  • Melanau: Jebéyk Sapou and NOT jusah Sapou.
For Sapou Telagai (coconut leave sticks broom, Penyapu lidi) we use bed (bind) ie Jebed Sapou telagai- a coconut leave sticks broom

Some fruits use the classifier usah (stick, batang) instead of alak (seed, buah) as in malay.
These fruits are Piseng (Pineapple, Nanas), Benyuh (Coconut, Kelapa), Kepayaih (Papaya, Betik).

  • Jusah benyuh- a coconut
  • Jusah Kepayaih- a papaya
  • Jusah Piseng . a pineapple
  • Pat usah Kepayaih- four papayas
Small fruits use alak as classifier.
  • Jalak rambutan- a rambutan
  • Jalak Dabai- a tropical olive
alak is also used for word, sentence or key point ( Melanau: telabau)

  • telou alak telabau- three sentences or three words
  • Inou alak telabau kou?- What are the key point my of talk?

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  1. Bed. jebed sayuor retek. Bed tu-u tu-u ji salui ien, paman neh.
    Batek. Dua batek kayou bak tegun, baruk seik jekan ipoung kou.

  2. Ngak séyk jekan neh kak peseluek melou gak gitou XD

  3. Updates: Karuéng ngak tenuka jadi uek, ejaan ngak netoh. terima kasih :)

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