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Idiom: Nepeang bau Linga

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I Can't Hear You!!!

Nepéang bau Linga

pronounciation: Ne-péAng Bau Li-ngA
literally means: to drape over the ears
Malay: Sidai di telinga

Actual meaning: Someone who will not listen to other people's advice

Malay: Enggan mendengar nasihat orang lain

Nepéang is a verb means to drape over*.
bau means above
Linga means ears

Here the Word ( Advice) is treated like a cloth that covers the ears.

Min-min wak teniju kou gak siyen, nepéang bau linga un.
He just ignores everything that I adviced him to do.

*drape over= [for cloth] to cover something and hang down.

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