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Lesson 2: Direction and Position

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One of the most important things to know is how to ask for directions. You don't want to end up lost with no way of getting help. Learn a few key phrases and you'll be able to find your way around with no problems.

Here are list of vocabularies and phrases about directions and positions.

Where is..?.- Gak gan..?
Where is the bus stop?
Gak gan stesen bas/ bus stop?

Where are you (sing) going?- Mapun gan kaau?

Where are you (plural) going?- Mapun gan keleu?

I am not familiar with the streets here.- enda akou taou alun gak gitou.

How do I get to...?- Jian tan akou bak mapun...

How do I get to the bus stop?- Jian tan akou bak mapun stesen bas/ bus stop?

How do I get there?- Jian tan akou bak meninan?

Is it far?- Jauk ka?

It is not very far- Enda jauk angai.

It is nearby.- Segak un

It is not here- Enda bei ngadan gian yen gak gitou.

far- jauk


go straight ahead until..- makau un tigah tapak...
eg. You go straight ahead until you see a red house- Makau un kaau tigah tapak peden lebuk seak.

to the left- gak bah ulai
eg. the bus station is to the left of the red house- stesen bus yen gak bah ulai lebuk seak.

to the right- gak bah tu-u
eg. there is a groceries to the left of the bus station- bei kedai runcit gak bah tuu bus stesen yen.

behind- gak buta
eg. there is a coconut tree behind the groceries.- bei daan benyuh gak buta kedai runcit yen.

in front of- gak jawai
eg. there is a small road in front of the groceries.- Bei alun umik gak jawai kedai yen.

opposite- dipah
eg. there is a big Supermarket opposite the groceries.-Bei Supermarket nyat dipah kedai runcit yen.

eg. the supermarket is near the fish market.- Supermarket yen segak pajak jekan.

on top of- gak bau
eg. there is a small flag on top of the supermarket.- Bei bendirak umik gak bau supermaket yen.

under- gak dibak.
eg. there is a cat under the table.- bei sieang gak dibak mija.

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