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Idiom: Menggagak tan nyawa a debei

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Menggagak tan nyawa a debei

literally means: to intentionally test one owns life
Malay: cuba menguji nyawa sendiri

Actual meaning: to intentionally engage in dangerous activities.

Malay: mencuba sesuatu yang bahaya

This Idiom has the same conotation and meaning as Pinéang Nyawa (to search for Life).
Menggagak tan is a verb: to test something that is already predictable.
Malay: menguji sesuatu yang memang sudah dijangka akibatnya.

Menggagak tan bak belabok: trying to fall
Menggagak tan bak matai: trying to die


Kak perukok segak toéng benzin yen. Menggagak tan nyawa a debei!
Do not light a cigarrete near the benzin tank. Do you want to test your life!

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