Friday, January 28, 2011

Idiom: Lah tipa musit matalau

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Sun Rays

Lah tipa musit matalau

pronounciation: lah ti-pa mu-sit ma-ta-lau
literally means: like ray of sunrise
Malay: seperti pancaran/ sinaran terbit mentari

Actual meaning: a very beautiful Lady.

Malay: Perempuan yang sangat cantik

lah means " Like "
tipa means "ray"( malay Pancaran, Sinaran )
musit matalau is Sunrise.

Melanau Women are known to be fair. Therefore the most beautiful one will be compliment fair ie like ray of sunrise. Eda Green in her book in 1909 wrote "...the Milanaus, whose girls are as fair as any Europeans and the belles of Borneo."

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