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Anatomy Special Series Pt 3-8 The Leg (Buduek)

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Today we are going to learn about the names of part of the leg region in Melanau mukah.

The Leg is called Buduek. It it is always misunderstood as the foot. To my knowledge. in Melanau Mukah, the foot have no special name but the upper region of the foot is called Bau buduek ( lit. means above leg) and the lower region of the foot is called tap buduek ( lit. means base of the leg).

Hence when ones hurt his foot usually the region where it hurts will be mentioned.

Pedéh tap buduek kou- My sole hurts
Pedéh bau buduek kou- My foot hurts ( upper region of the foot)

Parts of the Leg in Melanau Mukah

Melanau Malay English Deutsch
Buduok Kaki Leg das Bein
Bau Buduok - upper of foot -
Tap Buduok Telapak kaki Sole die Fußsohle
Tujok Buduok Jari kaki Toes die Zehen
Buak Bawun Buku lali Ankel der Knöchel
Tug Tumit Heel die Ferse
Wud Keting Shin die Schienbeine
Sei Jeloh Betis Calf die Wade
Bukou Lutut Knee die Knie
Betaked Pelipatan lutut Knee pit die Kneekehle
Beteh Paha Thigh der Oberschenkel

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