Friday, January 28, 2011

Idiom: Lah Lisou

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Tropical Cyclone Paul

Lah lisou

pronounciation: lah li-sow
literally means: like a Cyclone
Malay: seperti taufan

Actual meaning: someone who walks very fast

Malay: berjalan terlalu cepat

lah means " Like "
Lisou means hurricane (Malay: taufan)

A lisou (Malay: taufan) is a very strong and fast wind and has a diameter on scale of hundreds of kilometer. It can last for days. A lisou should not be confused with Nyaru which is actualy a tornado (Malay: puting beliung) . A tonado has a diameter on the scale of hundreds of meters and dies out in minutes.

Example: Ka'au makau lah lisou- You walk too fast. (You walk like a cyclone)

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