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Idiom: Diak kaau piman baya

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Diak kaau piman baya

pronounciation: Di-yak ka-aw pi-man bA-yA
literally means: It is better for you to pet a crocodile
Malay: Baik awak pelihara buaya

Actual meaning: someone who is untrustworthy.

Malay: Orang yang tidak amanah

Diak kaau means " It is better for you "
piman is a verb which means to pet or to breed (Malay: ternak, pelihara)
Baya is corcodile

An untrustworthy person is always living a very dangerous life because when caught red handed, he will get into serious trouble. Thus it is like petting a crocodile. You will never know when a timid crocodile will suddenly attack.


Siyen peguna duit a lah duit siyen. Diak siyen piman baya!
He uses other people's money for his own sake. Such an untrustworty person! (It is better for him to pet a crocodile)

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