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Video: Melanau Wedding at Kampung Medong in Dalat-Adat Perkahwinan Melanau

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Most ancient societies needed a secure environment for the perpetuation of the species,a system of rules to handle the granting of property rights, and the protection of bloodlines. The institution of marriage handled these needs.

Majlis Tepung Tawar

Video: Melanau Wedding custom in Kpg. Medong- Adat Perkahwinan Melanau di Kpg. Medong

Amongst the Melanaus, there is a system of rank and every person belongs to a certain rank or 'adet basa'. A marriage within the same rank is called Sama Gara. In addition Sida adet is a marriage across rank boundary.The preferred marriage is with a second cousin of any kind, provided it was not across a rank boundary.

The Melanaus have an interesting Bethrothal and Dowry gifts based on these ranks. To know about melanau system of rank ( Adet Bangsa) please read here. Here is a summary of the system of rank in descending order:

1. Pangiran (15 Pikoul)- High Aristocrats
2. A-Nyat or Perabangan (12 Pikoul)- Middle Aristocrats
3. A-Metahei (9 Pikoul)- Low Aristocrats
4. A-Bumi Ateng (7 Pikoul)- True Freemen
5. A-Bumi Giga (5 Pikoul or 7 Betirih)- Tied Freemen
6. Dipen ( 2 ½ Pikoul)- Slaves

The marriage customs of the Pangiran and the Perabangan follow the customary law of the sarawakian malay or the brueneian malay. Moreover the wedding ceremony will be held on both the bride's and bridegroom's house on a Gatak- a wedding stage.

The Pelamin

Gatak- A melanau wedding stage, Malay-Pelamin

Memilek layan adet:
The Bridegroom is given the choice to have a social caste belongings to either of her father or her mother.

The Gifts:
There are 4 types of gifts that must be given by the Bride ie Bethrotal gifts, Dowry (Maih kawin), Gift during the wedding day and Gift for the wedding night (Adet petudui) :

Bethrothal gift 

It is  called Tanda Tuneang.

The Dowry (Maih Kawin) 
It must be given a day before the wedding. The dowry consists of:

1. Penyekap- Given to the virgin and unmarried future Bride.
2. Berian- The basic dowry in accordance with the customary law.
3. Adet Menuga- Transportation expense for the bridegroom to the Bride's house.
4. Adet Mebin- Gift for the bridegroom before entering the bride's house
5. Pakan- A Gift for the Bride's parents or custodians. The value is decided by the bride herself.

Gifts during the wedding ceremony at the bride's house.

1. A brocade textile gift for the bride.

2. Adet Pahek- Gift for the bride before entering the bridegroom's house. Adet Pahek consists of :

a) Pahek Mukad
b) Pahek Atap
c) Pahek Id
d) Pahek Keman

Adet petudui- Gift for the wedding night.

Bethrothal dan Dowry for each rank ( Basa)

Click the links below to read more on details with pictures :)

Bethrothal and Dowry gifts for A-Metahei (9 Pikoul)- Low Aristocrats

Bethrothal and Dowry gifts for A-Bumi Ateng (7 Pikoul)- True Freemen

Bethrothal and Dowry gifts for A-Bumi Giga (5 Pikoul or 7 Betirih)- Tied Freemen

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