Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lesson 9: Colours in melanau mukah (warna dalam bahasa melanau mukah)

1:51 AM

Canon 550d - Pencil Colour

Now is the time to remember pencil colours and maybe get them out again.

Red- Seak
Red Apple

Yellow- Kunieang
yellow pepper

Blue- Biruk

Green- Gaduong
Green Apples

Hitam- Bilem
Black Widow Spider (B&W)

Orange- Kunieang oren
Oranges ^_^

White- Apuk

Pink- Kalaih
Pink Tulips

Purple- Ingkodok
Purple Koosh

Brown- Pirang
chocolate mocha

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  1. Purple should be mekodok, not ingkodok.

  2. Thanks for the info. I got the word Ingkodok from my grandmother who comes form tutus hilir in mukah. I think mekodok maybe another word from other variant of melanau mukah :). Some village do have different variant of the same word eg. we say ganjil (lazy) but those from telian will say gajil instead :) From which dialek and village use the word mekodok?



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