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Bethrothal and Dowry gifts for A-Metahei (9 Pikoul)- Low Aristocrats

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Amongst the Melanaus, there is a system of rank and every person belongs to a certain rank or 'adet basa'. A marriage within the same rank is called Sama Gara. In addition Sida adet is a marriage across rank boundary.
The preferred marriage is with a second cousin of any kind, provided it was not across a rank boundary.

Tanda Tuneang ( Bethrothal gift):
All Photos are by Eduine Kusai

Tanda Tuneang adet 9 Pikoul

Jegateng padai dagen Jahai anyam senebeang- 5 1/3 pounds ( 2.419 kg) of rice in a basket with "senebeang" motive.

Tuduong tutup beburuong- A conical cover with "beburong" motive for the rice

Jalak benyoh tubok jagem dagen semetan- A fist size sprouted coconut on a brass plate.

Tuduong tutup beburuong- A conical cover with "beburong" motive for the sprouted coconut.

Jesai iseang dagen kapuran- A ring weights 1/10 Oz of Gold ( about 3g of gold) inside a small brass container.

Jebeak Pedeng- A damascene sword

Jepikoul tembagak- 1 Picul of Brassware (61,69 kg)

The Dowry (Maih Kawin):

It must be given a day before the wedding. The dowry consists of:

Penyekap- Given to the virgin and unmarried future Bride:

Berian adet 9 Pikoul

1 pedeng pamur- a damascene sword

9 amaih maih- 9/10 Oz of gold ( 27g of gold) in form of a bracelet.

1 tumok- A container made of wood.

1 Peresak rakep betabur- A gold embroidered handkerchief

Berian- The basic dowry in accordance with the customary law.

9 Pikoul- 9 Picul of Brassware ( equivalent to 9*RM25 = RM225)

Adet Menuga- Transportation expense for the bridegroom to the Bride's house.

1 Pikoul of Brassware ( equivalent to RM25)

Adet Mebin- Gift for the bridegroom before entering the bride's house

1 Picul of Brassware (equivalent of RM25) and an earthward jars called kanan seni ( equivalent of RM15).

Pakan- Monetary Gift for the Bride's parents or custodians. The value is decided by the bride herself.

Gifts during the wedding ceremony at the bride's house.

A piece of brocade textile for the bridegroom called Sebuhuong Pranakan Siantan Betabor.

Adet Pahek- Gift for the bride before entering the bridegroom's house. Adet Pahek consists of :

a) Pahek Mukad:
1 amaih maih- 1/10 Oz of Gold ( equivalent to RM10)
1 Batoung- A silver bracelet
9 alak manik kahet- 9 piece of "Kahet" beads (equivalent to RM2.50)

b) Pahek Atap
5 alak manik pasin- 5 piece of "Pasin" beads

c) Pahek Id
5 alak manik tebalan- 5 piece of "Tebalan" beads

d) Pahek Keman
5 alak manik Pingeah Yuong- 5 piece of "Pingeah Yuong"

Adet petudui- Gift for the wedding night.

1 amaih maih- 1/10 Oz of Gold ( equivalent to RM10)
7 alak manik kahet- 7 piece of "Kahet" beads
5 alak manik Tilak- 5 piece of "Tilak" beads
a pair of silver bracelet
4 Besei - a spear (equivalent to 4*RM15= RM60)
12 Belen- 12 areca nuts in betel wrapper
1 Kain Lugik- a brocade textile called Lugik
3 alak tulei- 3 piece of dammar gum
Bagou tulei- a brassware for the dammar gum
a spear to cut the dammar gum
1 Terusoung- a conical water bucket made of sago palm frond-Ukap balau).

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  1. not all melanaus practice the same adet of this bethrotal and dowry gifts, it's depend on the area and village where are they come from, and not all of the item can be change @ measure with the value of money, since 1941 (coastal liko adat), 1963 adat review, 2010 adat draft and the latest 2012 adat workshop)there was a change and amendment of this adat practice and material/item involve in melanau wedding



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