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Bethrothal and Dowry gifts for A-Bumi Ateng (7 Pikoul)- True Freemen

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Amongst the Melanaus, there is a system of rank and every person belongs to a certain rank or 'adet basa'. A marriage within the same rank is called Sama Gara. In addition Sida adet is a marriage across rank boundary.
The preferred marriage is with a second cousin of any kind, provided it was not across a rank boundary.
Tanda Tuneang ( Bethrothal gift):
All Photos are by Eduine Kusai

Tanda Tuneang adet 7 Pikoul

Jegateng padai dagen Jahai- 5 1/3 pounds ( 2.419 kg) of rice in a basket.

Tuduong tutup biasa- A normal conical cover for the rice

Jalak benyoh tubok jagem dagen bukur- A fist size sprouted coconut on a deep brass plate. 

Tuduong tutup biasa- A normal conical cover for the sprouted coconut.

Jesai iseang dagen kapuran- A ring weights 1/10 Oz of Gold ( about 3g of gold) inside a small brass container.

The Dowry (Maih Kawin) :
It must be given a day before the wedding. The dowry consists of:

Penyekap- Given to the virgin and unmarried future Bride:

Penyekap Adet 7 Pikoul

1 kerih sulouk- a "sulouk" keris

7 amaih maih- 7/10 Oz of gold ( 21g of gold) in form of a bracelet.

1 kerih sulouk- a "sulouk" keris

1 tumok- A container made of wood.

1 Peresak rakep peranakan suaten- A gold embroidered handkerchief

Berian- The basic dowry in accordance with the customary law.

7 Pikoul- 7 Picul of Brassware ( equivalent to 7*RM25 = RM175)

Adet Menuga- Transportation expense for the bridegroom to the Bride's house.

1 Pikoul of Brassware ( equivalent to RM25)

Adet Mebin- Gift for the bridegroom before entering the bride's house

1 Pikoul of Brassware (equivalent of RM25) and an earthward jars called kanan seni ( equivalent of RM15).

Pakan- Monetary Gift for the Bride's parents or custodians. The value is decided by the bride herself.

Gifts during the wedding ceremony at the bride's house.

A piece of brocade textile for the bridegroom called Sebuhuong Pranakan Bercurak.

Adet Pahek- Gift for the bride before entering the bridegroom's house. Adet Pahek consists of :

a) Pahek Mukad:
1 amaih maih- 1/10 Oz of Gold ( equivalent to RM10)
7 alak manik kahet- 7 piece of "Kahet" beads
1 Picul Brassware
A black cloth

b) Pahek Atap

c) Pahek Id

d) Pahek Keman

Adet petudui- Gift for the wedding night.

1 amaih maih- 1/10 Oz of Gold ( equivalent to RM10)
5 alak manik Tilak- 5 piece of "Tilak" beads
a pair of silver bracelet
bibek kuali
4 Besei - a spear (equivalent to 4*RM15= RM60)
3 alak tulei- 3 piece of dammar gum
Bagou tulei- a brassware for the dammar gum
a spear to cut the dammar gum
Kila- a basket ( equivalent to RM5)
1 Terusoung- a conical water bucket made of sago palm frond-Ukap balau).

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  1. i've read all the list above but a little bit confuse either this is "adet asel" @ "adet nebak" because there is some item & term of "rukun adet" & also the value of the item maybe not practice / use in our melanau community from tellian.



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