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The Story of Tugau by Heidi Munan

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There are many stories about Tugau, the mighty warrior who stood out agains the Sultan of Brunei and his powerful fighting men. Melanau Children are told of his strange feats- when Tugau was a small baby he already had a sword and a magic spear. He was constantly hungry, so he asked his mother to bake a sago pellets as big as hens's egg....

When he grew up he stood then feet tall. almost like a giant. When Tugau coughed in Pasai Siung the noise could be heard all the way up in Sibu. He even tried to climb into the sky once, to visit the spirits who dwell in the kingdom of Likou Kiangan. He built a ladder of three long sticks, but the heavenly watchmen saw him coming and pushed the ladder over. Tugau drop back to the earth without injury, but the three sticks were so big, and fell so heavily, that the they made the rivers of Oya, Mukah and Igan.... (Read more below)

About the Author:

Heidi Munan was born in Switzerland and educated in New Zealand. A graduate post-primary teacher, she has lived in Sarawak since 1965.

Heidi Munan is fond of reading, particularly old books about the history and geography of Southeast Asia. When her children were young, their grandmother used to tell them stories; this developed the author’s interest in folk tales. She has written books about the daily life, customs, arts and handicrafts of her home state.

Heidi Munan does research at the Sarawak Museum. She is a regular contributor to national and foreign newspapers and publications, including the MAS inflight magazine Going Places.
Quoted from: The Literary Pursuit

This Stories is taken from her book The Melanau Stories by Heidi Munan. You can find and buy the book here at

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