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Idiom: Maték tipou nou rad'ing

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in the morning, while he waits for the coffee to be served

Maték tipou nou radìng

pronounciation: Ma-ték ti-pew n-ew Ra-di~aNG
literally means: to wait for your grandmother to come back form the dead
Malay: menunggu sehingga nenek kamu hidup kembali

Actual meaning: to do or to stay or to wait somewhere until something happens or someone or something arrives for too long.

Malay: membuat menunggu/ berharap sesuatu atau seseorang terlalu lama

This expression have strong negative connotation. It should be used carefully.It usually used among families and friends.
Tipou means both grandfather and grandmother.
Radìng is a verb. It means: to come back from the dead.
Malay: hidup kembali setelah mati


Ketayi kawak kaau subet wak tenempah kou itou. Maték tipou nou rad'ing baruk kalup kah?!
It took you too long to finish my order. Should I wait until your grandmother comes back from the dead and it will be finished then?

Inou bak naték nou agéi. Paut angai ngak kaau maték siyén. Maték tapak tipou nou rad'ing kah.
You have been waiting for her far too long. Do you want to wait untill your grandmother comes back from the dead then will you stop waiting.

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