Saturday, April 9, 2016

Video: Melanau Prayer for Kaul ( Doa Kaul Melanau)

2:48 PM

Photo: Ipok Mask by Sapan Puloh

Kaul - celebrated in the Melanau month of Pengejin to thank the Ipok (spirits/guardians) for a bountiful year past and a prayer for a good year ahead.

The Melanaus belief is animistic and they believe that the world is protected and guarded by the various spirits, such as Ipok Guun (the guardian of the jungle), Ipok Talun (forest), Ipok Sungai (rivers), Ipok Pangai (wind), Ipok Daat (sea) and many more.

During this time, they would honour them for what they were given for the year and ask them for their good will for the coming year. They would sing their praises and thank them for the harvest given to them in the past and pray that they would grant them protection and give them a bountiful harvest in the year to come.

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