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Anatomy of a seashore

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Melanau are renowned as seafarers and merchants, establishing trading routes with other ports along Sarawak's coastal areas and establishing trade with foreign empire such as majapahit and china.

They are reputed as some of the finest boat-builders and craftsmen. Hence it is natural that the sea (Daat) is their source of food and the costal region plays important part in their daily lives.

Today we are going to learn about parts of the seashore in melanau mukah.

Melanau English Remarks
Daat Sea The vast sea. Also known as "Alud"
Lisieang pedaat Nearshore Areas submerge by water when there is low tides. Literally: Seashore/ Pantai berlaut
Lisieang nai Foreshore The area of the beach that extends past the low tide level. Literally: Sandy shore/ Pantai berpasir
Teang Backshore The dry region only submerged during high tide or storms
Lisieang seg - The dry region where the high tide cannot reach. Boarder between the land and the shore. Literally: Grassy shore / Pantai berumput
Daya - The land

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