Friday, April 8, 2016

Announcement of Kaul Serahang Kakan Kala Mukah 2016

9:25 PM

The traditional Kaul (not the pesta kaul) mukah will be held on Sunday this april. Here is the video announcement:

Video: Eduine Kusai.

Uiii kelou dikakak wak bei lubeang likou
nyat umit lai mahou
itou saneang penghulu saneang pedengah saneang pengetaau
kaul kala mukah lau nem, 9 lau bulan 4 taun 2016
jam sedia pukul tujuk suap
kala mukah bah laan

Oh ye those who are here
Adult children man and women
This is saneang penghulu, saneang pedengah, saneang pengetaau*
Kaul kala mukah shall be held this sunday, 9th april year 2016
Early at 7 o clock in the morning
On the east of Kala Mukah 

* saneang is cymbal like instrument used during the announcement.

Photo: Rieya ramlee's stories

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