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10 Foreign Words you thought were Melanau (Loanwords)

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Loanwords are words adopted by the speakers of one language from a different language (the source language).This are just a few "borrowed" words and phrases which are commonly used in modern melanau. 1. Omo- a washing powder. Comes from an english brand of washing powder OMO- On my own. Omo, Unilever’s international-brand washing powder. Omo is a blue detergent powder launched in 1954, and became the Unilever spearhead in the synthetic detergent market. Brands From the Past - OMO soap powder
2. Merait- comes from the word "right". To "right" means to tick or to correct an exam paper.

  272/365 another ouch!

 3. Wap- a wharf

Wharf No.8-9, Glebe Island

 4. Gab- to be fashionable. Comes from the english word "garb"- fashion fashion plate - a FREE Friday Download
 5. Diek- from the english word "deck"

  20050615 Deck 2

6.  Ingsil- a "Hinge"- a jointed or flexible device on which a door, lid, or other swinging part turns. from malay word "Engsel".

Mini Hinge

7.  Segerit- Comes from the word "cigarette".

What We Think They're Made Of

8. Bicin-a brand of MSG Ve-Tsin


9. Setukin- comes form the noun "stocking"- a usually knit close-fitting covering for the foot and leg

noro socks finished

10.  Rutik paun- a normal sandwich bread. During the Brooke era 1 batch of roti paun used weighs 1 pound.

Bread Loaf

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